This Is The Embarrassing Blunder That Left Kenyatta University Students Cursing Themselves Immediately US President Barrack Obama Left

The complaints that universities in Kenya churn out graduates who are unable to communicate in proper English are not dying anytime soon as Kenyatta University’s blunder in a billboard welcoming President Barrack Obama for a forum at the institution showed. The excitement was obviously in the air about the historic visit by a sitting US president.
But the billboard ushering in the leader of the free world read “It is a priviledge to host you, Sir” the word ‘privilege’ had been misspelt. It was a huge mistake not only in writing but display since it was on a large outdoor board.

Well, the forum with civil society went as planned but university mandarins and students will be looking back at the incident with real concern. It even appears that preparations to host POTUS were last minute judging by the design of the billboard. Controversy had preceded President Obama’s address when Babu Owino wrote a tasteless letter requesting the powerful leader to visit University of Nairobi, a letter which got him rebuke from President Kenyatta himself.

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