This Is The Real Reason Why Big Hitting Gospel Artiste Rose Muhando Is Tired Of Christianity And Is Converting To Islam

Big hitting gospel artiste Rose Muhando could be headed back to her Islamic roots or is it? The successful singer has belted out hit after hit pinnacling her in East Africa. Muhando who uses an unorthodox style of Christian music has been soiled with controversies which have threatened to end her career. There are skeptics who do not take her songs seriously as gospel truth claiming she is after fame. She has been criticized for making irrational demands especially concerning money.

Recently she was at the centre of a storm after it is said she aborted, she landed in hot soup with allegations that she had joined the Illuminati when she signed for Sony Records which has a checkered history. Her image has changed with ramblings that she bleached her skin. And it is in the face of all these baggage that she wants to be of Muslim faithful.

She was born into Islam but converted to Christianity when she was 9 years old after a serious illness.

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