This Is The Real Reason Why Chris Brown Blames The Devil For Ruining His Life

In a loaded Instagram post, Chris Brown ranted that he is tired of the devil ruining his life. The talented artiste is among many musicians and entertainers suspected to have sold their soul to the Illuminati. In a holds-no barred expose, the singer cum rapper was outed for being a member of the devil worshipping secret society. Chris Brown has stepped forward to deny claims that he is associated with the dark world. His baby mama drama with Karrueche Tran has taken a toll on the singer who now aired his frustration of the devil ruining his life.

The post which contains expletives signals that he is a man suffering from the inside despite the fame and success that accompanies him by quipping, “on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance”. He alludes that he could have killed himself when he says, “the average man would not hesitate to blow his f****** brains out.” He cryptically denies that the devil has taken over his life by stating that, “my soul will always be pure of heart” And in an apparent shot at his estranged baby mama Karrueche, he adds, “people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term”, and “I don’t have patience for anything that will cause me to self-destruct.”

Chris’ issues with Karrueche has seen his career take a wobble with public opinion seeming to favour the woman he is accused of abandoning with his baby.

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