This Is The Real Reason Why The Clergy Commended Uhuru For Taking A Strong Stand Against Gay Rights

President Obama’s visit to Kenya had sparked protests from Christian leaders who faulted the US for legalizing homosexuality. In fact, some evangelicals wrote a letter warning President Obama to keep off the gay debate. On Saturday during the joint press conference, President Kenyatta disagreed albeit diplomatically with the superpower over gay rights, terming it as a ‘non-issue’ in comparison to serious challenges that Kenya faces. POTUS stood his ground over observation of human rights and nondiscrimination of citizens based on differences they may have.

Now Kenyan pastors have lauded the president for his firm stand against homosexuality. Speaking in separate locations, they said Kenyan culture and the Bible could not accommodate gay and lesbian practices. They reiterated that LGBT has no place in Kenya concurring with Deputy President William Ruto who is leading the crusade against gay rights from the political front. Some clergy praised the forthrightness of President Kenyatta in refusing gay accommodations in their duet press conference with President Obama.

The commitment of USA to support Kenya in the war against terror got Obama rare praise from the men of the cloth.

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