This Is The Real Reason Why Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe Are Battling To Gift Themselves With The Most Expensive Luxuries Money Can Buy

The battle between Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika, Kenya’s most elite socialites is a never-ending one with the latest instalment of their enmity involving expensive gifts to self. Vera Sidika in just under a week ago unleashed her new 2015 Range Rover edition, estimated to be KSH 15 million, and is as customary posted it on social media. This must have lit a fire under Huddah who decided to get herself something pricy too, a KSH 187 million diamond ring from Paris which she flaunted on Instagram.

This battle of wits and clash of cash is not anything new to these two who have done everything in their power to stay relevant in the Kenyan space.

From Huddah’s claims last week that she was Mama Kayai from Vitimbi to Vera Sidika’s Sh 50 million bleaching project, their chronicles of controversy have one aim only, to get attention which sustains them and their livelihoods. They have been called glorified loose women for the kind of activities they are involved in since none of them has come out strongly to deny any involvement with the business of the flesh.

More pictures of huddah’s ring


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