This Is What Will Happen To Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, $20 Million Inheritance

There is no doubt that Bobbi Kristina’s death caught many unaware. The daughter of legendary star Whitney Houston who passed away in 2012 was battling sickness before she succumbed on Sunday. Now, in the spotlight is the inheritance which she was left with from her late mother. She was to be the heiress of $20 million which she would fully receive on her 25th birthday. Although she had received 10% of the sum on her 21st birthday.

According to sources, the will by Whitney Houston had stipulated that just in case Bobbi died before the age of 25, there are people who would inherit the fortune instead. Late Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy along with her brothers Gary and Mike Houston would take over the fortune and divide it amongst themselves. It is highly unlikely that the once controversial husband of the late singer, Bobby Brown will have any stake to claim as the will as drafted after their acrimonious spilt. While Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick Gordon will have to wait and see if he can get anything from the star’s massive estate.

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