These Are The Strange Punishments Kibera Residents Had To Undergo In The Hands Of Gsu Officers

They say the law is a double edged sword, if you are a doubting Thomas then you should ask the Mathare residents, they have much to share. From rural areas to city residential centers, the true spirit of citizenship on the fight on ilicit brew is still strong and this time the suspects were punished in a manner that left everybody wondering.

Its been hardly a month since the , President , His Exellency Uhuru Kenyatta mandated Mps and stakeholders to fight the sell and consumption of ilicit brews in Central Kenya. The move that has seen the locals gang against bars and local joints destroying the ilicit brew joints in almost every part of the country.

The campaign which has been spear headed by GSU (General Service Unit) officers with the GSU commandant Joel Kitili heading the operation. The officers (GSU) as you know, are normally called to maintain order amidst chaos. Well this time round they had a different call of duty and the Mathare locals didn’t know what the officers had in store for them.

Yesterday the GSU officers stormed the ilicit brew joints. To the amusement of the residents, they had to show off what they had, their skills. The locals who crossed the officers paths were punished in a new style that was strange to everybody as they were put to do press ups along the road and lift bicycles using one hand. From a far you might have thought KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) recruitment was ongoing. But atleast they should have advertised that, anyway we all know every market has a mad person.


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