This Is The Real Reason Why Huddah Monroe Wants To Get Pregnant As Soon As Possible

After denying she wasn’t pregnant about a year ago, claiming she didn’t say she was expectant and that the media misquoted her. Reason being, she didn’t want to be called a ‘socialite’. She told people to stop calling her that because she could be a mom. She actually got defensive about it and in the process implied that people are stupid, yes! That includes you and me. I know some of you are curious like me, so i can’t help but ask, who is Huddah Monroe? That’s if she still claims she is not a socialite.

But now it’s 2015, and Huddah the scandalous Kenyan socialite or whoever she is, now agrees with herself that she likes the idea of having kids. Well, this comes after her message to Zari Hassan, her Tanzanian counterpart who is currently pregnant with Diamond Plutinumz kid. She was congratulating her on the latter. In the tweet, Huddah adds she wishes she was the one which seemed more direct that she wants to be pregnant. Oh! Huddah, the whole world can’t wait.

As it stands, it seems she will never stop amazing her fans. But will she deny it this time round? I wish i had the answer to that but my guess is we will be surprised really soon.

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