This Is What Controversial Business Man Paul Kobia Has Threatened To Do To James Ng’ang’a’s Church This Coming Friday

After a period of some silence shying away from the limelight, controversial businessman Paul Kobia has become vocal again. This time however it’s not entirely for all the wrong reasons as we have now gotten accustomed to. After a gruesome accident which claimed the life of a young woman on the Nairobi-Naivasha highway details emerged that Pastor James Ng’anga was behind the wheel. Kenyans were enraged by the whole incident considering that no evident criminal charges were filed against the pastor. Paul Kobia is one of the Kenyans whom the news rubbed the wrong way.

Kobia quickly took to his twitter account and posted that he will burn Pastor James Nganga’s church on Friday.
It is not clear whether this was an empty threat, a warning or a clear intent to carry out arson. However, with Paul Kobia’s record of questionable, explicable deeds anything should be expected. I for one will not be amazed if he is indeed serious and is going to burn the church.

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