This Is Who Sonko Thinks Is To Blames For Vitimbi Crew Miserable Situation

With Kenyans still mourning the death of veteran Vitimbi actor Mzee Ojwang, the father of comedy has finally been laid to rest. However the process was turned into another blame game scene as Nairobi’s Senator Mike Sonko placed the blame on the government. In his speech from the Nyayo stadium Mike Sonko pointed out the government as the cause of Vitimbi’s deplorable situation.
In the public address he spoke of KBC leaving the vitimbi actors and actresses without a way forward. He however applauded the national government on offsetting the late veteran’s bills that had accrued and the funeral expenses but stated that it was not enough.

KBC was highlighted as the dragon at the end of it all, as they were not even available to cover Mzee Ojwangs funeral proceedings and only KTN was available. However even with this, the government is yet to respond to the allegations and the vitimbi crew together with other Kenyans will have to wait a little bit more

Mzee Ojwang was later laid to rest at the Langata cemetery.

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