This Is How A Top Preacher Asked For Ksh 100,000 To Pray For J Blessing’s Ailing Child

Top producer J Blessing and his wife Chantelle were bereaved after their 6- month old baby passed away last week. According to the famous producer a well-known preacher asked them for a significant amount of money for him to pray for their ailing child. Their baby developed complications which saw him rushed to Nairobi hospital then Aga Khan Hospital for specialised treatment. It was at this stage that the believing couple called the preacher to pray for their son however, he demanded for an amount of between Sh 50 000 and Sh 100 000 for exploitation that has long been euphemized as a ‘seed.’

Unfortunately, their son died on Thursday but J Blessing expressed his disappointment at the whole event because it was a difficult moment. His friends supported him as they should have but for the preacher to want to offer conditional prayers left them in shock. This is not an isolated case as this plays out almost every day with the term ‘seed’ being floated to rip people off.

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