This Is The Real Reason Why Allan Wadi Abused President Uhuru Kenyatta

Allan Wadi became the topic of discussion early in 2015 after his remarks on a social media post landed him in jail. Unfortunately he would be the one to set an example to the rest, warding off all other members of the public who were used to bad mouthing the president. Even after pleading for forgiveness Wadi found himself behind bars. After six months of his sentence he was bailed out after his appeal went through successfully. At the time of his incarceration, Wadi was a political science student at Moi University.

Speaking to the Trend on Friday, Wadi revealed that the main reason he resorted to abusing the president was because he is a frustrated poor Kenyan man whose hopes of a better country had been crashed by an intolerant regime. He went on to say that he was annoyed by the security bill that President Uhuru Kenyatta assented to and felt that he was going against the law and the wishes of many Kenyans. He was speaking for those who didn’t have the guts to say what was really on their mind. He was however very sorry for what he said and is ready to go back to school to finish his undergraduate studies.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV Kenya.

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