This Is Why Mama Sirikali Of “Jamaneni”And Jose The Witnesser Of “Ni Kama Ndrama Ni Kama Vindeo” Are Now Reaping Big From Safaricom


In Kenya eye-witnesses to events make the news that much more interesting. If the particular beat that a news reporter is covering involves an incident, interviewing witnesses is a common occurrence. That is where Kenyans like Jane Anyango and Joseph Mburu come into light. If you are not familiar with those names it is because they were nicknamed Mama Sirikali, she of the ‘jamaneni’ quip when floods had ravaged Western Kenya and Jose the Witnesser of the ‘ni kama ndrama and kama vindeo’ comical interview.

They were reminiscent of America’s Ted Williams the homeless man with a golden voice who captured Americans’ affections. Their images on TV and pictures online accompanied by hilarious memes have made them a favourite pastime for Kenyans trolling online.

The problem is that they have been forgotten regardless of their pithy remarks remaining memorable. And that is where Safaricom has stepped in to improve their lives by involving them in handsome advert deals of the Stori Ibambe and Stori Bonus promotions. Fun poking Kenyans can now ease up on the two with the telecom giant making a strategic move in its bid to draw more Kenyans towards its network.

Here are the new safaricom adverts:

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