This Is How Your House Help May Be Stealing From You Without Your Knowledge

It has become a common habit for Nairobi house helps to steal from their bosses either immediately after they start working or days after they have mastered the household. Some of the scams the house helps use to swindle their bosses include:

Not accounting for small amounts of money left for them.

The house helps are normally charged with managing the daily expenses of the house with money being left to them when their bosses go to work. House helps take advantage of the trust given to them and lies that they bought things with the money. If you notice any dishonesty, you should be worried.


Another scam that house helps use is pretending to be so spiritual and hardworking. If as a boss, you are unable to find any faults in your house help when you hire her, then there is a problem.

House help groups

The other scam normally used by house helps is forming a group of house helps in the neighborhood. Friendship is part of a human being but if your house help forms friendships too fast, then that could raise eyebrows.


Faking sicknesses is another scam that is commonly used by house helps. Everybody can get sick but if this becomes a trend and there is a noticed change in attitude, then it is better to dismiss the house helps.


Sometimes you may find that you are missing a favorite shirt,skirt or dress. Some dubious house helps hide these clothes until you completely forget that they existed. They may then sell them or add them to their own collection of stolen iems.

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