This Is What You Probably Didn’t Know About Prof Hamo, The Latest Sensation On Churchill Show

The latest sensation on Churchill show, Kenya’s most watched comedy show, 35 year old Professor Hamo has actually dropped out of school. The comedian was dispassionate about studying a course in electrical engineering after two years of pursuing it at Kisumu polytechnic. Prof Hamo has done odd jobs such as a dog trainer and a mandazi seller. He is a talented singer as many have noticed because he honed his skills at St. Peter’s Catholic Church where he sang in the choir. His first stage name was ‘Hamo the entertainer’.

The Nakuru native, whose real name is Herman Kago, is married with two sons with four brothers. The path to be the most popular Kenyan comedy act has been far from smooth for him. He auditioned six times eventually performing on Churchill on the Road Nakuru edition. After that show, he went through a rough patch coming up with content which cooled his interest in comedy. He got his breakthrough in comedy when in mid-January a show of his was uploaded on YouTube and it went viral prompting him to adopt the Professor Hamo gimmick which has become a runaway success.
He divulges that his content comes from his interactions with people and the books that he reads.

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