This Is Why The Handshake That Uhuru Kenyatta’s Son Gave President Museveni Has Angered A Section Of Ugandans

As if President Kenyatta’s trip to Uganda has not generated enough controversy, his son appears to have gaffed, at least in Uganda’s culture terms. His son Muhoho is being called out by a section of Ugandans for giving their president Yoweri Museveni a handshake deemed too casual. Ugandan culture is clear on what is supposed to happen when one is greeting persons older than them. Gestures such as bowing, kneeling or a handshake using both hands is expected. None of these gestures is exhibited by Muhoho in pictures released of the greeting.

Ugandans on social media differed on the greeting gaffe with those aggrieved expressing displeasure at the seeming disrespectful gesture shown by President Kenyatta’s son while some were of a more moderate attitude outlining that Kenya and Uganda have different norms and cultures.
From the pictures President Museveni and his First Lady do not seem too bothered. A number of ladies from Uganda, however, deviated the debate to focus on Muhoho’s looks.

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