Despite What You Think, This Is How Wealthy And Heavily Armed Al Shabaab Fighters Are

As the nation continues with its fight against terrorism following an attack on West gate shopping mall and deaths of several students at Garissa University among other incidents, photos of five heavily armed Al Shabaab fighters have leaked online. The cracked down of these militia took place during the weekend in which an undisclosed number of intelligence officers forced their way into Abduladif Osman Mohammed’s residence in Mogadishu.

After the raid, the security personnel recovered rounds of arms, gun assortments as well as a PK Barrel. If you thought that the terrorist were poor then you may have been wrong, the police also found hefty amounts of currency in Mohammed’s residence. Although we have heard a small group of politicians requesting the Kenyan government to withdraw soldiers from Somalia, the president has maintained that the fight continues and he is not ready to compromise with terrorists until we have security within the country.

Here are some of the photos:



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