These Are The Six Police Officers Who Helped Cover Up Pastor Nganga’s Horrible Accident And This Is What Will Happen To Them

After pastor Nganga thoroughly embarrassed himself on national television in a bid to clear his name, the police officers who helped him cover up his accident which led to the death of Mercy Njeri have been apprehended. The six with Inspector Nzuli Nzioka as the main culprit, have been taken to court for covering up the accident.

Inspector Nzuli who has come up to the spotlight under embarrassing circumstances after acting as pastor Ng’ang’as bodyguard is said to be the one who presented Mr simon Kuria, the miraculous driver of the range rover to the police and will be facing criminal charges. In addition to that he is also going to be charged with fraud as he is the one who supplied a new number plate and insurance stickers for the vehicle, as the present ones had already expired on July 19. The other five police accomplices according to the investigation report presented are to face independent charges on the same case.

However with this happening and Pastor Ng’ang’a still roaming as a free man cursing his enemies, Kenyans have to wait more to see if there will be any justice that will be given to the family of Mercy Njeri.

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