This Is How Kenyans Reacted After Seeing A Picture Of Governor Mutua Watching A Young Boy Take A Shower

Governor Alfred Mutua is a polarizing governor in the Kenyan political matrix. This is because he belongs to the CORD coalition whose Kamba kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka is a luminary and yet he keeps receiving backing from the Jubilee coalition. What does not help matters is that he is rapidly developing Machakos County to the ire of his naysayers. And given that he was the government spokesman he has developed skills of PR and spin doctoring. He has been embarking on a project to supply homes and secondary schools with hot showers. So when he stood on ceremony watching a boy showering with his successful project and distributed pictures of it on social media, there was a buzz.

He was pilloried for being overzealous and taking his PR stunts a tad too far. They said it was not necessary and ill-advised watching as the boy showered. His fervent supporters pointed out that the boy was dressed in a short. He was recently pictured fetching water with some village women while assessing water projects in his county in a move touted as a show-off.

Pictures and PR are a relatively new battlefront in the Kenyan political space propagated by the Jubilee government as a way of propaganda and selling government projects.

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