This Is How Stunning Janet Mbugua Looks Even At 7 Months Pregnant

If you watched Citizen TV news yesterday you probably noticed Janet Mbugua’s baby bump clearly after 7 months. Well its finally showing!

Just recently about three months ago, rumours flooded the social media that the news anchor could be pregnant, with the so talked about wedding of her and Eddie Ndichu at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri. People speculated that she didn’t put a veil and her wedding dress was loose suggesting she was expectant. That sounds like Kenyans. But now it’s finally out, her baby pump is evident with her colleagues like Hussein Mohammed confirming the big word in everyone’s mouth. News in every blog has it that she could be carrying twins.

The stern faced news anchor is now 7 months pregnant! Pregnancy can be tough! Size 8 the gospel queen said it. But how comes it seems easy for Janet Mbugua. The beautiful lass is indeed very strong indeed, 28 weeks pregnant and she can still anchor prime time news. Just how strong is she? Strong enough to make it to the top 40 under 40 women that are extraordinary in their respective fields of profession.

However, everything has an end. This being her first pregnancy, and with only 2 more months to the end of her exhausting journey, the news siren confirmed that she is getting fatigued. Whether she will continue teaming side by side with Hussein, it’s not clear.

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