This Is Why A Popular Musician Had The Guts To Tell Maina Kageni That He Is A Fool Who Should Shut Up And Do His Job

There has been a groundswell of dissatisfaction from Kenyan artistes over minimal airtime given to Kenyan music. Nigerian artistes such as Davido and Bongo musicians like Ali Kiba have dominated the Kenyan airwaves at the expense of local music and Kenyan musicians are not taking that lying down. Their gripe with local stations intensified when they marched yesterday in protest over the issue. This had been preceded by Facebook posts by some musicians who blasted radio stations and radio presenters demanding 70% local music be played.

Hip hop heads Mwafrika and Chiwawa led the social media carpeting of local presenters with Chiwawa having some choice words for Classic FM supremo Maina Kageni. Chiwawa was critical of Maina’s claims that Kenyan music is deplorable. He fired shots at Maina telling him to do his job and it is musicians who employ radio presenters calling him a fool and ending with a hashtag #70%Airplay. It is not the first time that this debate on local music airplay is being held, radio presenters and their stations have for long stressed that Kenyan artistes need to up their game like their continental counterparts. This was subject of contention in the recent media bill where the government wanted TV content to be 60% in favour of local content.
This is a never-ending bone of contention which stretches opinions from both sides of the divide, those who feel Kenyan music is below standard and those who appreciate it fully.

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