This Is Why Kenyans Decided To Thoroughly Roast President Kagame On Twitter

#SomeoneTellKagame was the hottest topic on Twittersphere yesterday. How did this come to be? President Reuben Kagame wants to seek a 3rd 7 year term as Rwanda’s president. Political realignments in Rwanda are such that the constitution is undergoing amendments to scrap term limits and it is this that made Kenyans turn on him, at east, part of it. A journalist identified as Levi Kones tweeted to Kagame expressing concern that he would ruin his legacy but Kagame curtly and brashly told him off telling him to “worry about his own legacy, if he has any to think about at all.”

And it is was the trigger that made Kenyans attack the leader who many thought was a shining example in Africa. Kenyans brought out stinging attacks comparing the size of Rwanda to Umoja estate, Nairobi. Some put up memes of ultra-thin boys to mock the slim frame of the Rwandan president. Others took it a notch higher tweeting pictures of his daughter saying that Team Mafisi will only accept an apology from her. And ‘Mollis’ jokes could not be left behind with one twitter user urging President Kagame to ‘sullenda.’

The issue of term limits for presidents was a hot topic when President Obama visited Ethiopia recently where he poured criticism on leaders who hold on to power. And here in Kenya, the KDF Bill has generated heat with critics fearing that it will scarp presidential term limits.

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