DNG Did Not Quit Radio, This Is Apparently What Really Happened To Him?

After Ciku Muiruri, Caroline Mutoko, and Angela Angwenyi DNG claims he also decided to Retire, but there are rumours that he didn’t retire

DNG claims he left radio presenting to pursue other career ventures so as to grow. He said “..My time has come to hang the boots..”. He went ahead to claim that he had a great run since 2008 and now he was done. But reliable sources contradicts these claims, they say he was fired and he didn’t leave at his own accord.

According to an article on Ghafla, sources from the radio station 1 FM, claim DNG went on vacation and and forgot about his work. His radio show producer called later to inquire about his where abouts…DNG claimed he was running some errands and promised to show up as soon as he was done. To everyone’s surprise the Kenyan Radio presenter failed to report as he claimed he would.

However, he showed up later but from JoJo’s words ‘Too Little Too Late’, he had no job anymore. His slot, was taken by the Drive-show whose hosts are Ng’ang’a and Mbuvi.

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