This Was How An Mp’s Vehicle Was Caught Transporting 390 Rolls Of Bhang And 24 Sachets Of Heroine

Just six days ago more than 45 high school students were busted drunk and in possession of bhang inside a Nairobi bound bus in Nyeri. Yesterday the police made another bust, only this time there was no bus and high school students, this time it was a private vehicle that has been traced back to Honourable Julius Ndegwa, Lamu West MP.

The vehicle that was allegedly travelling from Mombasa to Lamu was in possession of 390 rolls of bhang and 24 sachets of heroine. Apart from the driver, there were other two other people in the vehicle. One was suspected to be the owner of the illegal drugs while the other the loader.

The three suspects are currently being held at the Mpeketoni Police station awaiting to be arraigned in court.

The Lamu West legislator admitted to owning the car but denied being involved in the illegal act as he was not aware of it. He however praised the police for the shocking discovery and pleaded that the three people should be whipped by the law.

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