This Is How Nine Armed Robbers Hijacked And Ruthlessly Stabbed Passengers In A City Hoppa Bus

It was a sad Thursday morning as the nation woke up to the news of a gang of nine armed robbers who hijacked a city hoppa bus. According to the victims, nine robbers boarded the bus that was heading from the City to Umoja Estate at 11.30pm on Wednesday night. The gang had a pistol and knife when taking control of the bus. During the incident, the robbers stabbed the passengers, robbed them of valuable items such as money and mobile phones.

Zipporah Mboroki, a former police spokesperson said that the group took over the bus and ordered the driver to change its route towards Kariobangi South where they got out of the bus after committing the act. After the incident, the passengers who had sustained injuries were admitted to Mama Lucy hospital where they received treatment. Despite the ongoing investigations, police have not arrested any suspect following the incident.

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