This Is How Suspected British Diplomats Were Caught On Camera Urinating In Bottles Then Trashing Them On Mombasa Road

They say you can take someone away from the village but you can never take out the village in them. Suspected British Diplomats were caught on Camera urinating in bottles then afterwards throwing them out on the road.

A motorist along the busy Mombasa highway caught suspected British Diplomats throwing out bottles from a Diplomatic vehicle. The soda bottles were filled with urine. It might have been the traffic that led to the stupid act by the suspected diplomats since there was a snarl up. But still, couldn’t they just keep the bottles inside the vehicle and throw them away responsibly like Diplomats.

The motorist, captured them on camera urinating inside the bottles as they threw them outside. He later posted the photos on social media. He wrote “I witnessed an occupant of this vehicle urinating into soda bottles then threw them on the freeway”

Here are the pictures:




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