This Is The Real Reason Why Cnn Boss Had To Fly To Kenya To Apologize For Terming Kenya As A “Hotbed Of Terror”

The CNN boss has come out to apologize to the nation after one of its reporters termed the country as a “Hotbed of Terror “a few days before the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama visited the country. Despite incidences such as an attack on Westgate shopping mall and Garissa University that left many innocent Kenyans dead, it had not reached a point for such a media house to declare the country a hotbed of terror.

Tony Maddox, the current Global Vice president and managing director for CNN, flew from Atlanta to the country so that he apologizes to the president and the country for the remarks. He termed the whole thing as undeserved and ill feted. Previously, many Kenyans led by the president had expressed their disappointment following this news. Will this change the perspective of other nations towards the country? Such comments are not only dangerous to the reputation our reputation but are also likely to drive away potential investors.

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