Video: This Is How Dangerous Nairobi Streets Have Become

A few months ago it was good news for Nairobians when CCTV cameras were installed in strategic places in the city, crime hotspots were covered and it was assumed that the wave of crime would dissipate. But thugs have shown defiance in the face of this security measures when a hapless man was violently robbed by a group of young men in broad daylight.

This was done in a street where passers-by were going about their business and you would think this would deter the thugs leave alone the CFTV cameras but no, the unconcerned crowd watched as the poor soul was descended upon like a pack of hyenas, torn apart then left dazed on the ground. The man looks befuddled when he gets up from the pavement minus his belongings. The cameras do not get a clean shot of the thugs when they bolt after their criminal act. It is now a concern that the era of daylight robberies appears to be slowly making its way back after a lull.

Here is the video:

Daylight robbery along Luthuli Avenue. This is the country which Jubilee is bulding. Such robberies disappeared. Now Mungiki are back on roads and crime rate is very high.

Posted by Robert Alai Onyango on Saturday, 15 August 2015

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