Did Avril Really Ditch Secular Music And Get Saved like Size 8, Well Here Is The Answer…

Players in the gospel music industry had prepared a red carpet to welcome Avril into the genre after rumours spread that she is quitting secular music to adopt a more inspirational tune. But she snuffed out the hearsay by issuing a post on her Instagram account which says in part “And no….Me being prayed for does not translate to all the rumours (getting saved and ditching secular music)….”

The bird on her supposed salvation was not entirely manufactured, on Saturday at an event, she was prayed for and it was captured on video. She was seen and heard reciting prayers that usher a sinner into salvation under the direction of an unnamed pastor. After the event at Catholic University, it emerged that she would be collaborating with Tanzania gospel powerhouse Christina Shusho. That detail dove social media into overdrive on Avril’s change of direction, but it is not to be.
The Mama singer is staying the course in secular music which admittedly has fewer female artistes than the gospel field which has a good number of them. The last high-profile female artiste to ditch secular for gospel was Size 8.

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