Meet Kendi Mwiti, The Hot Meru Girl Whose Dowry Was Delivered By Choppers And A Luxurious Motorcade Consisting Of Range Rovers, Prados And Porches

Kendi Mwiti, arguably Kenya’s luckiest fiancée has a Masters in Development studies and she is a marketer. The curtain is slowly but surely being raised on who exactly Kendi is. So much focus has landed on Jared that Kendi has disappeared from the whole equation but one would bet she likes it that way. Kendi is the daughter of a powerful doctor in the Meru region and social class. This is why they seem to be politically connected to have all those dignitaries attending their functions such as was the case on Saturday when Meru was blown away by a convoy of luxury vehicles and helicopters to boot.

Together with Jared, she has a son. Pictures of her have started going round. She is a light skinned, with a slim frame and a cozy smile. Pictures of her in her graduation regalia owe to the fact that she attained a Masters honour, she is seen dressed sassily and she dons cultural ornamentation.

Other than the photos, details about her are still sketchy, understandably so, since her fiancé is the moneyed and influential type who the cameras will have an affinity for.

Here are some photos:






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