This Is How Former Kenyan Big Brother Africa Star Anabel Mbaru Almost Got Raped In A Taxi

Sympathies poured in for former BBA contestant Anabel Mbaru when she shared a traumatizing incident which happened on Sunday. She revealed that a taxi driver almost raped her. The issue of rape has been in public discourse ever since the ‘Mollis’ audio circulated on social media.
And Anabel came to the fore with allegations that the taxi driver groped her breasts and mishandled her.

She claims she escaped after using ‘powerful names’ to get the man off her. She shared her picture on Instagram with the refrain “End rape”. In a lengthy statement, she gives the number plate KBJ 645G as the alleged vehicle that she was driven in before all hell broke loose. After her ordeal, she makes religious references and quotes a Bible verse, Isaiah 54:17, in the statement. She swears that her claims are true and that she is being sincere. She recommends using a ‘reliable’ cab as a way to be safe. Wariness dictates that her statement be treated as allegations before anyone is arrested.

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