This Is How The Wife Of Somali PM Was Arrested At JKIA Carrying Bullets In Her Bag

The threat of Al-Shabab has prompted Kenya’s security agencies to be on high alert. And this vigilance was shown last Saturday when security officials arrested Asha Yassim, the wife of the Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid at JKIA. She was found with 16 rounds of ammunition in her bag when she was leaving the country for the United States. She is not a licensed firearm holder and so police could not take chances. She was released on cash bail and allowed to travel, however when she comes back she will be charged in court Kenya Airport police confirmed yesterday.

Ms. Yassim told police that her husband, the Prime Minister, had used the bag beforehand and failed to empty the contents which were the bullets found. It appears that she was not intent in committing any criminal act and some observers say could be factored in in her case once she completes the duties of her trip. The security at the airport has been beefed up in the wake of terror attacks that have plagued the country from the later part of last year to the earlier part of this year.

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