This Is How Desperate Diamond Platnumz Has Become To Spoil Ali Kiba’s Moment With 3-Time Grammy Award Ne-Yo

The rivalry between Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinumz has crystallized during the visit of world famous singer, Ne-Yo. Ali Kiba is in Coke Studio Africa project which Ne-Yo is gracing which means that he will be rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty. Ali Kiba was in the country when Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o visited back in July and got into a tete-a-tete with the Non Stop actress. This may have jolted Diamond to fly into the country and steal Ali Kiba’s shine. He flew into the country on Monday and booked himself in Hemingways Hotel, the same that Ne-Yo is staying.

The second statement Diamond wants to make is having a photo-op with the 3-time Grammy award winner essentially cancelling out Ali Kiba’s moment. Things might not go smoothly for Diamond though, as Ne-Yo’s handlers have issued clear instructions to security to block any attempts by Diamond to hog the limelight.

Diamond up to this moment was high flying and untouchable nonetheless Ali Kiba has been working hard and has made significant progress to catch up with rumours that Corporates favour him over Diamond leaving Diamond’s camp in a panic.

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