This Is What Has Deeply Been Troubling Gospel Artist Willy Paul Recently

willy paul
Gospel music’s most maligned artiste Willy Paul is lamenting. He is complaining that people have let him down even as he promote his music. He is accusing some people of giving false promises and switching their phones while at it. In promoting his music tour of Huruma this coming Sunday, Willy has urged fellow artistes not to trust people but depend on God.

It appears his latest exploits are challenging and he has decided to vent over the frustration of being let down and hang out to dry. It seems his tours have run into difficulties with promoters pulling out as he references MCSK as that only one organisation that has stood by him. MCSK is bound by its statues to support local artistes even in their touring exploits. Willy Paul has admittedly been in the shadows since his tiff with Bahati. And further calamity came his way when he left this year’s Groove Awards empty handed while his nemesis Bahati led a clean sweep of awards. He is a wounded man as Bahati releases chart-topping singles, he is playing catching up.

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