This Is The Real Reason Why Larry Madowo Banned Xtian Dela From The Trend

Larry Madowo is a well known television anchor and host of popular show, The Trend. He recently banned popular Nigerian musician Davido from his show and the NTV studios by extension. He decided to declare the same for X-Tian Dela, a well known social media influencer. Larry banned X-Tian because the latter asked Larry why he did not have his number on live television. This was obviously condescending of X-Tian. After the question, there was an exchange between the two which spilled over into the Internet through Larry’s website.

Larry posted on his personal blog that he knows X-Tian since the latter has been a guest panelist on Larry’s show twice. Both times the social media influencer was invited by Larry’s producers. As such, Larry had no reason to have X-Tian’s phone number. He adds that after the social media influencer’s outburst, Larry and the producers of The Trend have decided that they will not invite him again.

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