This Is The Real Reason Why Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Church Wants To Contribute 3.5 Million To Renovate Gigiri Police Station

If you think that the drama surrounding Pastor Ng’ang’a is over, you are wrong. The so called man of God has shot himself to infamy and, in typical Kenyan fashion, he is milking every moment of it irrespective of the negative image and grievous crimes he is being accused of. He has pledged to give Gigiri police station a facelift after spending two nights there awaiting his case where he is accused of dangerous driving. The congregation was excited by their pastor’s plea that they enthusiastically gave donations towards that cause which is construed as bribery. In the same sermon, Ng’ang’a gave IG of police Joseph Boinett a piece of his mind by recounting how unprofessional he was whilst handling investigations, he blamed the police chief of fueling the media campaign against him.

Some weeks ago amid investigations into his dangerous driving, he is said to have cursed people who were on his back demanding justice quipping that they will die before their time but yesterday he changed tune when he urged his church to pray for journalists who were ‘reporting falsehoods’ about him.

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