This Is The Real Reason Why Rape Suspect Mp Gideon Mwiti Has Turned To Church And Is Now Saved

Well it seems that Gideon Maori has decided that the best way of staying on the path of righteousness is to enlist the services of a body guard. Talking at a fundraiser function at ST. Anthony Catholic church in merit town, the MP declared his new found faith claiming that he has seen the light.

The MP decided to usher in the news in style, breaking in a chorus before the start of his speech. Noteworthy in his address was his revelation that he was going to shun alcohol and violence, given that he had already taken steps to turn in his weapon to the police.

Though one should not judge, many people are becoming increasingly doubtful of his true intentions of getting saved. In all it is a great way of getting the public on his side given that he is a rape suspect. Needless to say, the most vocal of concerns is what he thinks he will achieve by stating he needs bodyguards to keep him in the path of straight and narrow? At the end he is a grown man who doesn’t need to be guarded about his behavior.

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