This Is Why You May Be Paying Much Higher Taxes To The Kenyan Government Really Soon

Well it seems that Kenyans have to brace for harder times ahead as the Jubilee government is thinking of increasing taxes. With teachers having won the 60pc pay rise deal, the government now has a legitimate reason to ask for more money from Kenyans who are already overtaxed as it is.

Interestingly however it seems that this is a new way of denying teachers their hard earned money, promise that was made way back in 1997 but way never kept. Treasury principal Secretary Kamau Thugee confirmed that this might be an option to raise the 17 billion needed to pay them. Unfortunately making such a statement means that Kenyans will be against higher taxes and thus get Kenyans to actually reject the proposal to pay teachers fairly.

Unknown to many Kenyans however is that since the early nineties, teachers salary has barely changed even with higher cost of living an thus the numerous strikes. In all, the most significant increase was only ksh. 300 which was a joke. Needless to say instead of taxing Kenyans more, why not simply cut the allowances of MPs who talk more and do less for their constituents in the long run.

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