KTN Sadly Loses Dj Krowbar And Kendi Ashitava, The Two Tukuza Show Hosts That Made The Show A Massive Hit

The Tukuza show is one of those popular Sunday morning gospel shows that is tuned into by thousands of Kenyans. On Sunday fans of the Tukuza show were shocked to find out that DJ Krowbar and Kendi Ashitava were hosting their last show. Dj Krowbar was quick to announce that he was quitting so that he could concentrate on TV production. He also added that he wanted to give an opportunity for young talent to blossom.

However, some inside information suggests that the two may have been forced to quit or got fired. It’s no secret that Standard Group has been downsizing following some unconfirmed reports that the company had been making some losses.
Fans were quick to express their disappointment on the Shows Facebook page but also thanked the hosts for a job well done. Anthony Ndiema, the remaining host will be flying solo for a couple of weeks before some replacements are done.

Here is their emotional send off:

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