Video: This Is How an evil Gynaecologist, Mugo Wa Wairimu, Has Been Sedating And Raping His Female Patients in Githurai and Zimmerman

A visit to the gynaecologist is one of those things women dread but have to deal with no matter how awkward the situation may make them feel. To many this is the only way to solve most of the issues that may be affecting their woman hood. Most visits go as planned but some end in rape and abuse as it has been revealed by a private investigator from citizen TV. A certain gynaecologist from Nairobi’s Githurai and Zimmerman estates has taken his perversion levels to an unimaginable degree. It seems Dr Mugo wa Wairimu has been sedating and raping his unconscious patients.

A disturbing video released by Citizen TV shows the doctor sedating a patient then having his way with her atop a procedure table. All the time the client in the video seems unconscious and unaware of what is going on. The whole ordeal last around 20 minutes. After the doctor is satisfied he begins treatment.

Here is the sickening video:

The clinics in question, Prestige Healthcare Clinics, are known to offer reproductive healthcare services to hundreds of women, something that is surely going to raise lots of questions on the deteriorating morals of doctors in hospitals on the country.

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