Here Is Very Surprising Information About Mugo Wa Wairimu’s Alleged Rape That Kenyans Ignored

The Citizen TV expose ‘Doctored Abuse’ which aired on Sunday left the country reeling in shock. It implicated a certain Mugo wa Wairimu raping patients at a gynecologist establishment. Now blogger extraordinaire Robert Alai could have averted Mugo wa Wairimu’s alleged rape if his updates were taken seriously a year ago. It became apparent the Mugo is unknown by the medical fraternity and his clinic is operating without the knowledge of the pharmacy board. Robert tried to warn Kenyans of Mugo’s misdoings but in predictable fashion he was insulted and dismissed as tribal politics blinded reason. The authorities seemed to follow the same cavalier script. What if Alai’s remonstrations were taken seriously? What if someone decided to follow up the allegations?

The disgraced Mugo has yet to be arrested even as the public piles pressure on the police to take action. The only challenge is the admissibility of the video in court if he was to be prosecuted. He will most likely be charged with impersonating a health official rather than rape.

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