Cyprian Nyakundi vs Bidco: #KOT Predict That This Is How It Is Going To Go Down

The moment blogger Cyprian Nyakundi decided to poke the nest of Bidco, one of the largest manufacturing companies in East Africa, he must have not known what he was getting into. As if he did not have problems with Safaricom already, he decided to make accusations against Bidco for illegal dealings in Uganda. He was pushing that agenda in a vehement solo mission. The results so far have been bribery claims that he tried to extort Sh 50 million from Bidco, he took leave from social media claiming that his life was in danger and now the chicken have come home to roost with Bidco suing him for incrimination. It is understandable that he loves taking on giants, though his Twitter following could be misleading him to think that he can walk amongst the giants too.

It is this sort of delusion which led to KOT pouring scorn on him under a trending topic, ‘Cyprian Nyakundi Woes.’ They were hilarious and sobering. Some suggested that he differentiates between money and massive followers as the latter does not translate to having money. Another mocked him saying, his defence will be made up of hashtags. Another jokingly advised him to cash in a Sportpesa jackpot to save himself.

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