This Is What Mugo Wa Wairimu Has Shockingly Been Doing To Pregnant Women If These New Claims Are Anything To Go By

Another woman has come forward to further the Mugo wa Wairimu tragedy. The Citizen TV expose, ‘Doctored Abuse’, stunned the country into silence as the question of fake medical practitioners was raised and whether facilities that these women visit are licensed. The way Mugo has been responding to the story on his Facebook page leaves a lot to be desired, alluding to political theatrics being responsible for his woes.
As the clamour for his arrest continues, another woman has come out to claim that the rogue doctor was stealing kidneys from pregnant women from a clinic in Mutuini. The claim was posted through Robert Alai under an anonymous identity.

The most piquing thing about the turn of events is the inaction of the authorities even as the offender makes noises on social media which is a public space. Mugo is seen as a Jubilee propagandist and that is why there is little movement towards taking action against him.

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