This Is Why This Kenyan Nun Is Causing Such A Stir On Social Media

The church is in the limelight again for all the wrong reasons. A Kenyan nun shocked the online media fraternity after her picture went viral showing her in liquor store dressed in her full attire and purchasing some alcohol drinks. This picture has sparked outcry as many Kenyans state that indeed signs of end times seem to speak in bold letters as servants of God do their deep secrets in the open.

The nun dressed in white wimple, black sweater and the famous angelic white veil and brown stockings walked inside a liquor store with no doubt to purchase alcohol. She did not care who was spying or looking at her and she carefully sampled her favorite brands until when she landed on the best of the best and without hurry paid at the counter. The sober customers who frequent this store to grab their drinks decided to share her dirty secret to the rest on the social media community.

Without doubt, the customers might have thought she was coming to minister the word of God and instead tell them to repent and leave alcohol for the Holy Spirit that never runs dry, but their worries were changed to shock as well as joy as they realize she is in fact one of their own.

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