Here Are The Shocking Allegations Of Kenyan Woman Allegedly “Stole” White Man’s Car And Ksh. 1 Million

Following the allegations of theft from her German husband, the Kenyan woman revealed the information surrounding the allegations in an exclusive interview. This came after the German national took to social media on September 3 and announced his separation with his estranged Kenyan wife.

Eva Karwitha, estranged wife of this German national Plaschke Heinz- Georg finally broke the silence and responded to the allegations and provided a long narration of the marriage filled with cruelty and mistreatment from her husband.

Speaking during an exclusive interview, Eve, 26 years old recounted how the relationship with Georg began way back in 2007 at Ukunda and at that time she was 18 years old. She revealed that the meeting with this German came on her first visit to a club having been offered an invitation from her friends. That fateful night she met Georg who offered to take her home with him.

“I was scared, but my friends encouraged me and I went with him.” She remarked.
The following day, Eve moved in with Georg after he requested him to and this marked the beginning of their love journey. The love life was filled with much travels as Georg would travel to German and come to Kenya for holidays and when in Kenya he spent with her.

The progress in the relationship saw Eve taking Georg to Meru to meet her parents and shortly afterwards he travelled back to German and that marked the beginning of troubles in the relationship with issues ranging from Georg cutting off communication with her when he was in Germany and reviving them upon arrival to Kenya.

In February 2011, Georg made a surprise visit to Kenya and he brought a few gifts for Eve including a wedding gown and declared that the couple should marry having reconciled following the silences exhibited and Eve admits that though hesitant they married and the marriage life began.

In 2013, Georg who had retired came back to Kenya and told Eve that he was ready to stay in the country with her and as she puts it, this marked the life of cruelty and mistreatment by Georg including the still birth experienced by Eve in the same year with Georg denying the responsibility of the pregnancy.

The pregnancy issue is alleged to have widened the rift between the couple who then split in February 2014 and countless attempts to revive their marriage usually ended with Eve being assaulted by her husband and though she reported the assaults to the police but nothing was done but she was instead arrested and detained.

As one of the initiatives of saving the marriage, the husband withdrew and gave her Sh. 1 million to upgrade her car and the reconciliation was however short lived as bitter quarrel and fight shortly occurred and its then that Eve took the money, her car and escaped as she puts it. However, Georg still maintains that his wife’s unfaithfulness and extravagance was her undoing.

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