This Is How The Siege At Eastleigh Mall Went Down

There were dramatic scenes in Eastleigh yesterday. Sunrise Mall was under a police siege after it was suspected that some gangsters were hiding inside the establishment. They did this in the early hours of Tuesday morning after it was established that the robbers had taken refuge in the mall at 3 am when they attempted to steal but prompted the alarm. Eastleigh came to a standstill with the police operation resembling that of a high-octane Hollywood movie. Curious onlookers looked on from their flats in the densely populated area. There have been a series of mall break-ins in recent months in Eastleigh driving many businesses to suffer losses. One robber was arrested in the operation when he dared to jump from the building in an escape attempt. He was taken to Pangani police station.

The situation was reminiscent of the Westgate Mall siege in September 2013 where the police and military laid an assault to flush out Al-Shabaab terrorists who killed 67 people.

The Sunrise mall has several shops, a bank and offices. There has been a high alert in malls in recent times with the Garden City Mall having a security scare last week.

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