Christian Longomba To Recover From Cancer

In one of the saddest tales away from home, Christian Longomba who dazzled us with hits such as ‘Vuta Pumz’ and ‘Dondosa” got a brain tumor, news which took Kenyans aback as he seemed in perfectly good health during their heady days as Kenya’s leading music group. Now in the United States, Christian has been undergoing radiotherapy to remove the dangerous tumor. Since July, his fans kept him in their prayers chipping in where they could to support his efforts in battling cancer.

The first surgery took place in May 29th and he is set to go on his final treatment this week. Lovy Longomba, thanked fans and contributors for their immense support during the difficult period in their lives, more so for his brother. Lovy is giddy about the latest development that he has offered to give out Longomba merchandise as an appreciation to the concern prayers and support they have received as a family.

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