Here Are Exclusive Photos Of Mike Sonko’s Riches And Palace At Mua Farm

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is famed for his flashiness and extravagance. His character swings from infantile to philanthropic in one move. He can be annoying and intriguing. But of all these attributes, one which is admirable is the fact that he has constructed a beautiful house in his rural home. We have seen the shocking ironies of the state of relatives of moneyed politicians, they live in inexplicable poverty.

The death of Sonko’s father Mzee Kioko, allowed a glimpse into the grand lifestyle of the senator’s family. They live like kings in Mua farm where Sonko hails from. The spectacular house can be seen between Machakos Town and Makutano junction. So as he dishes out cash in the city, it is relieving to know that he has not neglected his family. The regal house looks like a five star hotel from afar and the landscaping is top-notch. One can only be limited by their imagination on how it looks inside.

Here are some of the pictures

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