This Is How William Kabogo’s Amazing Mansion Looks In Mombasa

Kiambu governor William Kabogo knows the finest things in life. He does not shy away from showing off what pertains to materialism although at times it might seem excessive. This posh lifestyle has led some to assume he is involved in shady businesses including drugs, claims he has vehemently denied on many occasions. Kabogo this week was spotted in an armored vehicle which looks rugged and imposing as they come.

He already has choppers to his name so that should not raise eyebrows, what should, however, is the mansion he owns in Mombasa. This palatial house came to the fore when his son Alvin Kabogo came to Kenya for holidays from University of Brighton where he studies. If you thought Sonko’s house was something, Kabogo’s house is another kettle of fish.

Alvin gave his social media followers a sneak peek of the house which has an indoor swimming pool as well as other outstanding amenities.


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