This Is The Sad Story Of A Standard 5 Girl Who Has Slept Cold And Hungry, Outside Her Own Father’s Doorstep For 3 years

The sad tale of a girl who sleeps on her father’s doorstep gripped the country. The Standard 5 girl from Marura primary school in Kariobangi North has had hard luck after her father and grandmother threw her out of their house. She has three siblings, two brothers and a sister who get preferential treatment over her. She has been fending for herself because she has been abandoned by her family. Her mother is unknown whereas her father own matatus in Kayole. The girl has told neighbours that she is considering suicide regarding her misery. The reason why she is being mistreated by her family is not clear.

Her grandmother has been arrested before but she kicked the girl out of her house after one day with her. Neighbours are doing their best to help the girl with food. Although neighbours’ attempts to help are met with insults by her grandmother who is hell-bent on seeing her suffer. She covers herself with doormats of neighbours for warmth. She gets sick often to the point where her skin color changes.

At school her school counsellor has tried to help but in vain. Her siblings are under firm instructions not to let her in the house.

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